Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) - Single Stream Processing Facilities

REC designs and builds Material Recovery Facilities (MRF's) and Single Stream Recovery Systems and would be delighted to discuss your requirements.  From Municipal Single Stream collection processing centers to very large scale automated MRF's cleaning a variety of recyclables, our in house staff can design, CAD layout, fabricate, project manage, and install any full size recycled product recovery system or any expansion, modernization, modification or repair project you may require.  Please contact us with your existing, pending, and future applications to receive a prompt response.  Contact us to put REC experience to work for you!


img_1012-1  mrf0506
picture_196  OCEAN_CITY_BALER
Baler_Feed_conveyor_with_Sorting_Station  Fiber_Sorting_Line
NE_Assembly32123123  NE_Bunker_Install
NE_Hustler_OCC_Screen1231244576567  NE_OCC_Screen1231231241234
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OCEAN_CITY_FRONT  Single_Ram_Baler_baling_40_tons_per_hour