REC Model 7242TB-HS

Bale over 110+ car and light truck tires, tyres in one 2200+ Lb bale.

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New REC7242 TB Tire Baler. In this photo, we baled 110+ mixed size tires, tyres to yield one bale that weighed more than 2250 lbs.

Bale measuring approximately 72" x 40" x 44" and ready for transport and tire recycling.

Dimensional Data Performance Characteristics 

Overall (Width x Depth x Height) 90” x 53” x 152”

Cylinder Bore 7” x 4”

Feed Height 26” Rod Stroke 48”

Baler Chamber (Depth x Height) 42” x 44”

Motor 20 hp, 208/230/460V, 3 phase

Cycle Time: Less than 30 sec.

Load Opening (Width x Height) 72” x 26”

Bale Width 72”

Bale Depth 42”

Bale Height 48”

Tyre Tire Tyres Tires 

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