Tire Recycling Tyre Equipment Systems and Machines

Tire or tyre equipment and machines used for recycling. Bale for transport or Shred for TDF (Tire Derived Fuel), crumb rubber.

Photo Make/Model Description Price
 10770 CM Shredder small CM Tire Shredder  10770c CM Mobile Tire Shredder. 250 HP mounted on tri-axle trailer with generator. More Info



 REC Tire or Tyre Baler Front Side Small  Tyre-Tire Baler New Tyre-Tire Baler or aka Tyre Baler for sale. Bale tires for more economical shipping to processors or other applications. More Info..  Contact REC
 TSI Tire Cutter TC 55  Tire Cutter New - Multiple models of Tire Cutters for Car, light truck, heavy truck, and farm tires. Quarter Tires to reduce storage needs, stop water pooling, maximize shrediding, etc,  More info.. Contact REC
  FORREC TX 1600 New FORREC TX 1600 Series shredder. Made specifically to shred  end-of-life passenger and truck tires. Learn more... Call