Plastic Water Bottle Recycling Machine 




The TC-710 Recycling Baler compacts aluminum cans, plastic bottles and jugs, plastic cups, Styrofoam cups, dishes and trays, UBC's, laminated plastic and shredded paper into 20" x 20" x 36" bales. Easily and neatly stack the bales to eliminate unsightly waste. The TC-710 Recycling Baler unit is mobile and conveniently fits into a truck bed or trailer, which can be used curbside, in-plant. The in-plant unit can be mounted on casters. The TC-710 Baler provides flexibility for processing of waste materials on-site or en route.

The TC-710 comes standard with a 5" Cylinder, an oil cooler and delivers 45,160 lbs of crushing force or 116 psi of ram face pressure. It reduces 150 lbs of aluminum cans and P.E.T. Bottles to a 20" x 20" x36" bale in under 7 minutes, 140 lbs of H.D.P.E. Bottles in under 20 minutes. Standing only four feet high the convenient opening in the top of the TC-710 provides for easy loading while the finished bale is removed from the bottom compartment. The optional drip pan is ideal for catching liquid run off. The TC-710 is easily set up with the standard 10 h.p. 220-volt, three-phase electric motor, or an optional factory installed 18 h.p. gasoline engine.


TC-710 RECYCLING BALER (3ph. Electric Motor) 8'9"L x 3'6"W x 3'9"H, 2030 lbs.

Specify Gas or Electric Motor, Contact us for single phase, drip pan, bale slide rail, or extended feed hopper options.

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