8722C Excel Model 2R9 Horizontal Two Ram Baler For Sale

Great for Office Paper, Newspaper, OCC, Magazines, PET, HDPE, Aluminum Cans, Tin Cans, Painted Aluminum Siding, Insulated Wire, Aluminum Extrusions, Radiators, Copper Wire and Other Materials

Up to 8 TPH of OCC

Recent Equipment Inspection As Follows:

  • - Baler started and cycled for operation, all motions satisfactory.  Accent wire tie unit cycled several times auto and manual operations, satisfactory.
  • - Wear plate inspection found minimal wear on both rams, charging box and compression area, approximately 1/8" clearance at knife beam, knives in good condition.
  • - Hydraulic system checked, no leaks from pipework or hoses.  Very small leak at main cylinder rod seal, eject cylinder good.  Oil condition checked visually, slightly darkened but good condition, filter condition unknown.
  • - Electrical controls, main and wire tie control panels checked, clean and in good order.  All sensors and controls checked in good operational order.
  • - In feed conveyor inspection 60" wide cleated belt in good condition, no damage on side walls, running true and well tensioned.  Slight fraying at lacing, no problems.
  • - All current loads under operations satisfactory, pressures to spec.

This machine is in very good condition and could be put into full production without any problems.

  • - 9" Main Cylinder
  • - 9" Eject Cylinder
  • - 50 HP  575 Volt 3 Phase
  • - 40" x 65" Feed Opening
  • - 60" x 45" x 30"

Sorry - SOLD 

 8722C 2 Excel Manufacturing 2R9 Two Ram Baler  8722C 1 Excel Manufacturing 2R9 Two Ram Baler
 8722C 4 Excel Manufacturing 2R9 Two Ram Baler  8722C 5 Excel Manufacturing 2R9 Two Ram Baler
8722C 3 Excel Manufacturing 2R9 Two Ram Baler  

 8722C Excel Manufacturing 2R9 Two Ram Baler Drawing

Excel 2R9 Brochure1

Excel 2R9 Brochure2





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