TSI Tire Cutters

The TC Series of Tire Cutter are designed to cut passenger and light truck tires. Versatile machines used by tire shops, services stations, landfills, auto salvage yards and retread plants. Their small footprint allows these workhorses to easily fit in any work area. Patented shear blades works on a zero clearance design for a clean cut and greatly extending the blade life.  Two-handle valve system keeps operator’s hand away from the blades.  All models are easy to operate, low maintenance, dependable and designed for years of service.  The small foot print allows this tire cutter to easily fit in any work area.

Advantages of Cutting Tires

-Tires can be stacked with in each other (nested) which reduces tire volume by up to 60%

- Reduces transportation costs substantially by transporting a more dense load of tires

- Tires no longer hold water, eliminating common breeding grounds for mosquitoes-Reduces regulatory problems concerning tires

- Prevents tire resale of damaged product


TC-50 Series Tire Cutter is perfect for tire shops who want to handle their own tire disposal. Cuts 60+ tires per hour.  3hp - 220 volt Single phase motor

TC-55 SeriesTire Cutter is faster than the TC-50 Tire Cutter to handle high volumes of passenger or light truck size tires quickly. Equipped with a 10 HP, 220/440 V, 3 Phase electric motor or an integrated gas powered engine for remote locations.

TC-100 Series Tire Cutter is a larger unit and designed to cut heavy truck tires; including super singles.  Quarter heavy truck tires at a rate of up to 40 per hour. Passenger and light truck tires can be cut into 4 pieces at a rate of up to 120 per hour using the optional TC-100-14 passenger tire compressor. The patented double shear blade system is easily adjustable to maintain a zero clearance between the blades for a clean cut. This eliminates blade separation and greatly extends blade life.  The TC-100 EP is a portable unit that can be easily transported to tire salvage piles, Contains a 2″ ball hitch and safety chains. Equipped with a 10 HP, 3 PH, 220/440 V electric motor or an integrated gas powered engine for remote locations.

TC-125 Series Tire Cutter is specifically designed to cut difficult large tires using large shear blades and is powered with a high efficiency tier 4 turbo powered 49.6 HP Kubota diesel engine.  It will cut any construction tires and farm tires with a sidewall width dimension of 24″ or less and 20 ply or less.  Weight 6800 lbs.  Dimensions 192″ L x 72″ H x 100″ W

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