WS-2 Wire Stripper - Strips Wire from 14 Gauge to 3" Diameter Easily.


  • Strip Insulation from wire
  • Handles common 14ga household wire up to 3" diameter
  • Works on ROMEX and heavier ISO cords
  • Industrial, ContinuousDuty Rated
  • Self Feeding with infinite fine blade adjustment
  • Self Contained and Portable
  • 3/4 HP,Single Phase, 56C Standard Frame Motor
  • 115Volt/ 9.4 Amp,Plugs into Standard U.S wall outlet
  • Hardened Steel Slitter Blade mounted on industrial bearings
  • Heavy Duty Gearbox Drive
  • Folding Speed Handle Blade Adjusting Wheel
  • Industrial on-off switch with separate Square D Emergency Stop Button
  • Solid machined aluminum base and sideplates
  • Weighs Approx. 90 lbs.
  • Designed for Electricians, Demolition Companies, Supply Houses, and Recyclers
  • Hand Built in Canada

Note: The on/off switch in the photo has been updated to a newer type switch (Green/Red)


Wire self feeds Copper and Aluminum Wire into the hardened steel cutting blade to slice the insulation for easy removal of the clean copper and aluminum cores. Ideal machine for Recyclers, Electricians, Demolition Companies or anyone who wants to maximize the scrap value of their electrical wire. Not recommended for thin (14ga or less), soft, rubber insulated appliance or extension cord wire.


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Joplin, Missouri MO