Copper Wire Stripper Jr WS4 47030

Copper Wire Stripper JR WS4 Precision Made in North America 47030
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We are pleased to introduce our newest line of Wire Strippers: The WS4 Junior. We are one of the largest dealers of Recycling Machinery and tools in the United States, and are offering this drill attachment wire stripper. It is made to the same specs as the larger WS45 and WS2 wire strippers, with the exception that this machine is made to work with a drill rather than having its own motor. Mount this tool to your work bench using the pre-drilled holes on the base, attach a drill to the side post, set  the speed at medium to slow, and feed the wire through one of the guide holes. Double or triple your revenue at the scrap yard. Strips wire from 14 gauge to 4/0 solid and stranded. Blade made of tool steel and is easily sharpened when it becomes dull. Made of aircraft aluminum, it weighs only 4 lbs, and it is hand-crafted in Canada. Other people on the web are selling this same item for over $425.00.

A low cost alternative to the WS-45, the Copper Wire Stripper Jr. is a well built tool, made with the same quality as the WS-45 and WS-2.  Driven by a standard power drill, you'll get more than double the money from your scrap wire.

  • Wire Range: 14 AWG - 4/0
  • Strips NMD 14 AWG - 10 AWG
  • All aluminum frame
  • Hardened one piece blade
  • Strips solid core or braided wire
  • Blade made from tool steel
  • Blade easily re-sharpened
  • Fully adjustable wire guide
  • Made in Canada



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Why are we different than the other people selling wire strippers online?

We sell only Recycling Equipment and tools for people in the recycling industry and have been for over 20 years. 


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