Tyre Baler - Tire Baler

Application: Baling Car Passenger Tires -This baler is specifically designed to bale passenger and light truck tires. Capacity to create up to 4 bales per hour for a substantial 80% reduction in tire volume. Improve transportation and storage efficiency. Ideal machine for tire outlets, tire replacement stores and garages, colllection centers, recycling centers, vehicle dismantlers, and tire depots. Truck tires can be baled after using a sidewall cutter.

Bale Dimensions: 60” L x 30” W x 48” L (approx.)
Bale Weight: Up to 2,200 lbs.
Compact Force lbs.: 99,208 lbs.
Motor: 10 HP / 3-Phase / 460V / 60Hz 
Cycle Time: 57 seconds
Overall Dimensions: 113” L x 100” W x 196” H
Tire Baler Weight: 10,365 lbs.
Features and Benefits:
Make up to 4 bales of car tires per hour.
Up to 100 Car Tires in a Bale for bales weighing around 2000 lbs
Load Baler from Both Sides
Double Rows of Retainer Dogs – Front and Back 
Side Remote Power Unit
Door Mounted Stairs
Ideal for Transporting tires - handle 2000lb bale with forklift
Approximately 80% Volume Reduction
Minimize water retained in tire 
Warranty: 1-Year – Manufacturering Defects     
For more information Contact REC or call 267-218-7200.  Additional models available for heavy truck tires.
 REC Tire or Tyre Baler Front Side  REC Tire or Tyre Baler Doors open  REC Tire or Tyre Baler Back Side